For all your business registrations, we provide a fast and robust service in an affordable cost. We register Copyrights, Trademark, ISO, Patent, Design, LLP, OPC, Sales & Service Tax and many more. We care for your business!

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    A symbol, word, phrase, logo, or combination of these that legally distinguishes one company's product from any others. Any infringement on a trademark is illegal and therefore grounds for the company owning the trademark to sue the infringing property.

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    Copyright is a form of intellectual property, a bundle of exclusive rights that can be exercised only by the owner or by any other person who is duly licensed in this regard by the owner of copyright. These exclusive rights include right of adaptation, right of reproduction, right of publication, right to make translations, communication to public etc.

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  • Our Clients

Welcome To Q Max Techno


Q Max Techno enables good protection for the knowledge that is the outcome of a metamorphosed intellects. Expression of Intellect varies across Business, Organization and Geographies to which they belongs. Being a sensitive and responsive to these variations is critical that enabling effective protection of the Intellectual Property created.


At Q Max Techno we are striving to build a long-term partnerships with all of our current clients and new clients who are investing time and effort to understand their business objectives and the commercial circumference in which they operated. Innovation is an integral part of Q Max Techno and there is no ‘universal solutions’.


We are adding value by devising the innovative strategies customized for each and every clients. We have believe that innovations are the important norm by today which is recognizing and protecting grass root innovations are as critical as protecting a company’s valuable property. We are facilitating protection of intellectual property by providing Trademark Registrations & other Copyrights at reasonably subsidized rates.

Why Q Max Techno?

  • We make our clients happy by understanding their unique requirements.
  • We demonstrate quality and professionalism in everything we do.
  • We provide you a quality service in a short time.
  • We guarantee the complete protection of your business.
  • We respect our clients and encourage freedom of thought.
  • We are a responsive and customer centric organization.
  • We are disciplined in our work habits.
  • We have fair list of well served satisfied clientele.
  • Our commitment to customer prosperity has made us a vendor of choice in these markets.